Largescale Public and Civic Art

Make an impact in the community and create a focal point for the public to enjoy when you hire the team at OM Stone to design your civic art projects. At our company in Hillsboro, Oregon, we specialize in public art that both delights and inspires its viewers. Each of our artworks is designed and created from natural stone for a piece that stands the test of time. Contact us today to put our more than 60 years of experience to work for your project.

Breathing Life into Your Area with Civic Art Projects

While most major cities have the same basic setup of buildings, public transportation, and traffic patterns, it is in civic artwork that these areas can truly stand out. Our artists create pieces that improve the local environment while representing a particular theme.

From largescale memorials to unique building architecture, our team specializes in innovative designs for any location throughout the world. We are proud to help you bring your ideas to life in a project that can be enjoyed by all.

A Dedicated Memorial

Throughout history, there have been certain events that unite us together in the face of tragedy. Whether it was a war or a natural disaster, these moments in time deserve a special monument, where future generations can learn about our history.

We have served on projects designed to honor veterans and fallen service members from major wars. Our designers have been privileged to create custom memorials that are powerful, solemn, and uplifting.

Enhancing the Community

Eye-catching artwork is not only timeless but can create a focal point for members of your community to visit. From custom fountains to murals outside of transportation centers, our team has worked on countless projects that add a touch of elegance and class to your area. In recent years we have consulted with artists and committees to create breathtaking features including:

  • Portland Central Library Steps
  • Waterfront Children’s Park
  • Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
  • California Museum of Science & Industry
  • Portland Westside Light Rail Stations
  • Penn Station in New York
  • IRS Building in Washington DC
Handling the Details of Your Public Art

When it comes to your largescale project, the details are what make your design a success. Whether you would like us to work on a memorial or a unique piece of architecture for the center of your city, we bring your ideas to life. Our team works closely with large businesses, universities, civic institutions, and their commissioned artists. Through our collaboration, your vision will breathe new life into your community.

Contact us in Hillsboro, Oregon, to consult a member of our team about your public art. We are proud to design civic art projects for areas throughout the world.