Classic Custom Memorials

For a fitting honor for your customer’s loved ones, the partners and team at OM Stone are here to create custom memorials that reflect their personality and traits. From our company headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon, we offer an endless number of options for monuments and memorials. Whether you would like us to sketch a unique shape or add custom color emblem to your memorial, we work hard to produce the perfect honor for the special person in your life.

Full Color Monuments: to your exact specifications

A loved one is a treasured part of any life – he or she deserves a beautiful tribute. When a traditional headstone or other memorial doesn’t cut it, let us help. With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge that customers need to make the best decision. We are committed to helping you create a timeless design.

Handcrafted & Personalized Options

By request, our award-winning artists are ready to create an eye-catching, custom memorial. Our ultimate goal is to produce a finished product that reflects the family’s deepest desires and dreams for a memorial.

No matter what you would like added to your memorial, we make your design idea become a reality. Our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to create the perfect stone memorial. We do everything from making headstones in a variety of shapes and sizes to adding custom etching of your photographs. Our partners will work with you to personalize your designs to truly represent your loved one.

Unique Illustrations

For a look as unique as a treasured friend or family member, our artists offer illustrative services. Whether you would like to add a butterfly, flower, or other image, we create a personalized memorial that features your loved one’s life.

Custom Etching

Bring your images to life for a design that stands the test of time. By using our innovative custom etching technology, we create a stunning look for any photograph.

Color Imaging

A touch of color is the perfect addition to any memorial. With our unique and patented GLASS Art™ and BronzStone™ technologies, your loved one’s granite memorial will vividly represent his or her life.

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