Turnkey Columbaria for Any Cemetery

Add a beautifully-designed, lasting space for urn storage to your memorial site with the product options from OM Stone in Hillsboro, Oregon. We feature all-granite columbaria with a wide range of customizable options. These durable units are available in sizes and styles that fit any private, community, and religious cemetery.

64-niche columbarium

A Growing Need for Urn Storage

As times change, more people are choosing to be cremated after death. This option is more affordable for many families and is growing in popularity with people of all ages.

With the rise in the number of cremations per year, it is important for cemeteries to include space for these urns to be stored. While many people choose to be cremated, most still prefer to have their ashes kept in a traditional cemetery. We offer a wide range of options for most public and private locations.  Click here to view our Portfolio of columbaria projects.

Standard Columbaria: A Turnkey Solution

Whether you operate a private, community, or religious cemetery, choosing to add a unit for urn storage is an excellent way to increase your inventory and generate new revenue. Our standard columbaria is a 100% granite unit that has been polished from the inside and out. This affordable option allows for single or double niches, depending on your storage needs. No matter how many pieces you order, delivery and installation typically takes between 60 and 90 days.Columbaria Portfolio

Standard units are not only affordable and versatile, but they offer several upgrades for your needs. Available options include the following:

  • Polished Cap Edges
  • 6-Inch Peaked Roof Cap
  • Various Color Combinations for Cap, Base, Walls, & Trim
  • Wide Variety of Shutter Colors
  • Custom Artwork & Engraving
  • Add-on Options including benches, statuary and features in complimentary colors

For an elegant and affordable solution, we proudly offer our columbaria for private cemeteries. These units can be combined to create a unique cremation garden that adds something new to your location.

For the Community

Columbaria PortfolioWhen you are looking to increase your cremation inventory, our columbaria are an ideal choice. We work closely with county and municipal cemeteries to create a plan for the future that maximizes their return on investment.

Traditional Religious Cemeteries

While cremation has grown in popularity, many people still want to continue the tradition of a religious burial. For churches considering religious columbaria for their members, our services are an ideal solution. Units are available in elegant designs that complement the unique aesthetics of a church or religious cemetery.

Options for Private Cemeteries

Unlike community cemeteries, private locations feature their own unique traditions and land-use requirements. Whether you are adding to existing columbaria or creating a new space at your location, we are available to help you configure your units to meet your needs. We provide assistance for those looking to plan and design an affordable storage site for members of the community.

Throughout the years, we have worked with architects, developers, and other professionals to plan affordable private-estate and community columbaria. With our assistance and guidance, you will know that your unit stands up to all important regulations.

Columbaria PortfolioPut Our Experience to Work

Since our company was founded, we have worked with countless locations to create an affordable custom solution that is built to last. Our designers and engineers have extensive experience making these units for community, private, and religious cemeteries. We are committed to supplying you with an eye-catching feature that fits in any location.

Contact us today in Hillsboro, Oregon, to work with us for the design of your custom columbaria. We feature religious columbaria and other personalized options for cemeteries located in Oregon, Washington, California, and across the world.