Warranty Information

OM Stone will replace or repair any stone part of your memorial that may crack or disintegrate due to the effects of normal climate or season, without expense to the original purchaser or to the heirs or representative of the estate of the person(s) memorialized. We choose stone without flaws that would make it susceptible to cracking or crumbling due to climate or season. OM Stone uses only lithichrome paint specifically made for granite. We will guarantee the Lithichrome paint used on our standard memorials for one year. We encourage you to call if there are questions regarding care of painted surfaces.

OM Stone is not responsible for damage or staining resulting from neglect or negligence or damage by others. This includes cemetery personnel, vandalism, acts of war or civil disturbance, or sudden destructive weather conditions and natural disasters, or discoloration for any reason. Should any work be performed on this memorial by another entity after installation, this Limited Warranty becomes null and void. This Limited Warranty may also be subject to separate requirements on us imposed by state law.

Bronzstone Warranty

Glass Art Warranty